Abram Slutskin and Radiophysics in Ukraine of the First Half of the 20th Century: World Dimension

The article discusses the scientific and pedagogical activity of the outstanding Ukrainian radiophysicist Abram Slutskin in the context of the development of world radiophysical research. It is substantiated that the theoretical works of the scientist defined a new direction of research in Ukraine, namely the radar, and were important for the development of ultrahigh frequency physics. Innovative research initiated by Abram Slutskin found application in new defense technologies, military equipment, and special devices for medicine, biology, navigation, communications, household television and the radio industry. The article proves that Abram Slutskin had priority in launching research in the field of biophysics in Ukraine. The research on the use of ultrahigh frequencies for treatment of oncological patients carried out by scientists were unique for that time. Abram Slutskin᾽s graduate students became well-known specialists, who further developed the scientist’s ideas by initiating innovative areas of research and creating new institutions. We have grounds to consider Abram Slutskin as one of the founders of the Ukrainian scientific radio-physical school.

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