The Completed List of Polish Historical Journals Based on the Journal Evaluation Model Developed by the Pracownia Naukoznawstwa IHN PAN


The article is a result of the work started in 2022 and aimed at creating “The List of Polish historical journals, rated by the Pracownia Naukoznawstwa IHN PAN (Science Studies and Science-of-Science Divion of the Institute for History of Science, Polish Academy of Sciences)”. The list contains an integrated and transparent technico-bibliometric evaluation of journals.

The article presents the results of the review of 216 Polish journals in the field of history and archival science, in terms of their technical and bibliometric achievements, as evaluated by the Pracownia Naukoznawstwa IHN PAN (2021) on a scale of 0–200 points.

The results were compared with the ministerial scores according to the Regulation of the Minister of Education and Science of December 21, 2021 and July 17, 2023.

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